What is Your Stress Level? Questionnaire


Personal Change Mastery includes understanding your stress levels. Once you discover where you are we can then create a plan for you shift from anxious living to a experiencing a life of calm and ease. Ah, doesn’t that feel good?

Do you have too much stress?


Everyone responds to stress differently. Use this checklist from the HeartMath Institute to assess the impact stress is having on your life and if it’s time to do something about it.

Low stress levels

I feel well

I am able to relax

Physical recreation brings me pleasure

Increasing pressure enhances my performance

My thinking is clear and I learn easily

I am able to say “No”

Others see me as adaptable and approachable

Others see me as energized and successful

Moderate stress levels

I feel driven, hyperactive, and restless

I tend to make snap decisions but with errors

I feel over-burdened but can still say “No”

I often feel tired but am taking steps to recover

I often try to squeeze a few extra drops out of my performance

Discipline, fitness, social pressure and stimulants play a greater role in my ability to perform

My sleep is just about adequate

Others see me as tired yet successful

High stress levels

I don’t think as clearly as I used to

I feel irritable and “on edge”

I complain and grumble regularly

I work longer hours but get less done

I have repeated minor ailments, aches and pains

I am exhausted, have poor endurance and my work/life balance is suffering

I am unable to distinguish the essential from non essential

I have sleep problems

I feel like I’m l operating in survival mode

I accept excessive burdens and see them as inevitable

© HeartMath

If your stress levels are low then you are a lucky person who knows how to live life well! If your stress levels are moderate to high you may want help in shifting. Call today at 401.849.5900 to learn how we can help you.