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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a simple yet remarkable healing system that reduces the stress that underlies much disease. It has proven itself successful in many scientific studies.

It works on a variety of health issues, psychological problems, and performance issues, even those that have been resistant to other methods. It can be learned and applied rapidly, which has contributed to its popularity among millions of people.

Below are several sites where you can learn more about EFT.





EFT and Cancer

Visit the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance website to learn more about mesothelioma , and how emotional freedom technique can be an effective modality to include in comprehensive treatment plans.

EFT and Cancer in ChildrenThe Oaxaca Project

Deborah D. Miller, Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology is an EFT practitioner and has been working for several years, with the kids in the Cancer Wing of the Oaxaca hospital, giving these children and their families the gift of hope. Using EFT, Deborah has witnessed remarkable progress in these children. Check out the videos on this page for illuminating information on the use EFT with kids with Cancer. Thank you Deborah for your amazing work!

EFT and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PSTD)

EFT has shown tremendous results in those suffering from PSTD. The links below include studies and resources that have assisted many of our military personnel to heal from PSTD.

EFT for Military Personnel

EFT4Vets is a resource and inspirational website for veterans and military families who are interested in learning more about EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques and how to apply it to war trauma.

EFT4Vets was also created as a resource for all those who want to help veterans and active duty personnel heal with honor and respect, using EFT. Many thanks to Ingrid Dinter for her work in this area.

Research Paper: Psychological Trauma in Veterans using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques):A Randomized Controlled Trial

EFT Articleswww.EFTUniverse.com

EFT Universe houses many articles written by practitioners worldwide on the their success using EFT on all sorts of illness and emotional issues