Personal Success Mastery Blueprint

The Personal Success Mastery Blueprint!

Today’s workplace demands require high performance standards that often takes its toll on your work, health and personal life. We are expected to achieve and accomplish more in the workplace, or in our businesses, every day! We often get stuck and when that happens we create a protective shell that gets harder, thicker and stronger with time. Unless we take immediate action breaking out of our shells can become very challenging without additional help.

Constant workplace change makes it challenging to keep up. It creates burnout and undermines productivity effecting everyone around you; co-workers, customers, and those in your personal life.

Burnout causes your health to fall apart; you become foggy, in-decisive, tired, sleep deprived, cranky, and aches and pains appear out of nowhere. That’s no way to live.

Imagine being able to handle workplace pressures with ease as you create balance, harmony and well being in your…

  • career
  • personal life
  • physical body
  • financial life
  • spiritual life

…because you will know what to do, how to do it and when to do it when you learn Personal Success Mastery!


  • Looking and feeling healthy and in control
  • Presenting an authentic, positive and powerful first impression
  • Making decisions you feel good about
  • Leading in a way that brings trust and respect from your peers, co-workers and customers
  • Attracting clients easily
  • Making a difference and doing work that feeds your heart and soul
  • “Breaking Out of Your Shell” and living life on your terms
  • and more!

Personal Success Mastery can make it happen!

Change begins within each individual – one person at a time. This program provides systems and tools to help you to learn, grow and contribute to a healthy workplace culture and live life to the fullest. Improve decision making, leadership, team building, customer service and inter-personal communications as you transform stress and improve performance so that you deliver excellent service to employees, co-workers and customers.

Personal Success Mastery will transform you to help you shift your thinking and focus so that you can achieve your goals!


About Terry…

Terry Wildemann’s “Heart Centered” approach offers insight to the root of many business problems. She quickly finds logical, practical and holistic solutions that assist her clients and audiences to master personal change to transform their businesses and careers.

Terry personally understands what constant change and burnout can do to one’s life. A military wife, mother and entrepreneur, Terry struggled with managing her health and stress levels for years. Tired of being treated for the symptoms, instead of the cause of what was creating her ill health and burnouts, she began studying natural and holistic modalities to achieve improved stress resiliency, health and wellness.

As a certified executive and co-active coach, and professional speaker and trainer to entrepreneurs and professionals, Terry merges her 30 years of logical and practical professional development work in the areas of image and change management, leadership, customer service and stress management and merges it with her holistic background as a Reiki Master, business intuitive and EFT coach.

The Personal Success Mastery Program includes Terry’s winning E.P.I.S.T.L.E. system that taps into the Emotional, Practical, Intuitive, Spiritual, Tactical, Logical and Energetic facets of oneself and shifts the individual into creating heart centered success and transformation in all 5 life areas; career, financial, physical, relationships, and spiritual.

To invite Terry to speak to your group, or to learn more about the Personal Success Mastery coaching and training program, call 401.849.5900 or send an email to

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