Wild Divine Stress Relief Software

This is a rich highly visual experience that transports you to another place and time. This biofeedback game is perfect for those who are searching for a tool to work with that has an Eastern meditative quality.

About The Wild Divine

Wild Divine’s relaxation training products artfully combine state of the art technology with beautiful visuals, soothing sounds and effective meditation and breathing techniques to help you uncover your body’s natural ability to counter the effects of stressful situations.

Our “inner-active” programs allow you to witness and transform the rhythms of your mind and body as they play together on the screen.

Choose from our newest addition, Healing Rhythms 15-Step Relaxation Training Program or The Journey to Wild Divine Adventure Series. Both with help you learn to relax, relieve and restore your body’s natural rhythms.

Founded in 2001, Wild Divine is a pioneer in the emerging lifestyle technology market. We are committed to designing and developing unique whole-body relaxation training programs that help people reduce stress and live happier and more balanced lives.

Using meditation along with guided relaxation and breathing exercises, our “inner-active” programs integrate the best mind/body training available within an enlightening and entertaining multi-media experience.

With just a few minutes of practice each day, Wild Divine’s products can transform your computer into a beautiful and engaging experience of relaxation and balance, helping you to increase your energy level, restore balance and improve your ability to connect to the world around you in profound ways.

We hope that our products can help you to discover your body’s natural ability to counteract the negative effects of stress and to restore your own healing rhythms.

Guided Meditation Products