And what about this?

Network Authentically

Imagine networking from a sincere heart-centered place of serving others instead of just making money. Transform into a Networking Alchemist with Terry's tools to attract to yourself your ideal client and serve to make a difference. Your bottom line will thank you!

Stop Chasing Work/Life Balance!

Take control of your life and learn simple yet powerful techniques that help you shift from anxious to calm and ease in all areas of the Five Pillars of YOUR life.... Health, Wealth, Career, Relationships and Spirituality.

Re-assess your purpose, ideal client and goals!

You've made money. Perhaps lots of it! And you take a look around you and the rest of your life is a mess. Yep. It's time to re-assess your life. Terry will help you get clear on what you really want to do, who you want to serve and how to set goals along with strategies to achieve them so that you can create the difference that you want in this life time.

Shift Your Money Mindset

The pursuit of Money can rule our lives if we allow it. What if you were able to shift your mindset to one of prosperity that positively filters throughout all of your life pillars? Change can be scary however our programs and techniques can help you work through blocks and help you shift and re-energize your internal mindset.

When People Ask, ” Terry, What do you do?

Questions and Answers About Terry's Training and Coaching

Helping entrepreneurs evolve into "Prosperous Attractionpreneurs" is at the core of my work. When my clients evolve in a way they can serve THEIR ideal clients it's rewarding, gratifying and validating that I'm doing the work I'm meant to do! It's a lot of fun watching my clients and students expand their awareness and attract more of what they want in business and life.

How do you do that?

Merging my expertise as a professional speaker, trainer, and certified success coach with my holistic work as a highly intuitive NLP practitioner, EFT Coach and Reiki Master offers an extensive toolkit of experience, tools and breakthrough techniques. These tools allow me to work with my clients in a variety of ways that help them to feel safe, as they evolve and move forward towards their goals with renewed vision, energy and positive outlook.

Tell me more!

Lots of entrepreneurs get stuck in the "hamster wheel of life." They keep doing the same thing over and over and over and expect a difference. My coaching and programs offers techniques that improve their communications and sales skills, work with Law of Attraction to attract their ideal client, break through money blocks, reduce stress, improve their intuitive skillsets, make better decisions, or simply learn how to focus and shift so they can enjoy life.

Can we talk to see if we are a match?

Of course! Lets chat for 10 -15 minutes and see if what I offer is a fit for what you are looking for. Click on the "Orange Quick Chat" link in the sidebar or send an email to or call 401.849.5900 and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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