And what about this?

You want to feel comfortable networking and meeting new people.

Imagine networking and speaking positively, confidently and credibly so that you are clear in your message and understood.

You want to control stress instead of it controlling you!

Take control of your life and learn simple yet powerful techniques that help you shift from anxious to calm and ease.

You were clear on your purpose, ideal client and goals!

Learn how to get clear on what you really want to do, who you want to serve and how to set goals along with strategies to achieve them so that you can create the difference that you want in this life time.

You managed change with grace and ease!

Change can be scary however our programs and techniques can help you work through blocks and help you shift and re-energize your career/business.

Wouldn’t it be great if…

You had enough time in the day!

What would it be like if you were on time, more organized, and focused? Great leaders understand the importance of time and how to work with it so that they can enjoy life.

You were able to replace "I'm not good enough!" with "I'm highly successful and can make a difference!"

Increase your self esteem by letting go of perfection and shifting your attitude towards one of spirited progress and excellence.

You were able to create more balance in your life.

Imagine living a balanced and harmonious life. With renewed focus and perspective you can learn how to shift into harmony with ease.

You stepped out of "I can't" and shifted into "I can!"

What if you identified what's at the root of your blocks and discovered what really makes your heart sing then create a strategy to move towards it?

Call 401.849.5900 now to begin your transformation!

Call us to discuss which program matches your goals and desires!

Whether it's:

  • Speaking to your group
  • Individual or team coaching
  • VIP Coaching Days - One day intense and focused one to one coaching

    Or any of our individual workshops and tele-classes that help you to:

  • Understand how to implement law of attraction
  • Reduce stress in business and life
  • Reduce workplace negativity
  • Goal setting
  • Decision making skills
  • Network with confidence
  • Shift your money consciousness
  • Improve listening skills
  • Improve confidence and self esteem
  • Shifts the blocks that are holding you back. you will have business and career building tools that will refresh you and transform your business and attitude!

  • Testimonials

    Terry is a most amazing person. She brings a wealth of experience and training to her work with individuals and groups, supporting them in their personal and professional growth. She has great wisdom, clarity of direction, and high integrity, and is a passionate and compassionate seeker of truth. Working with her is both a joy and a privilege.

    George Rounds, CAE, CPCC, President, Spectrm Associates

    Terry took me through a very direct path of clearing with such speed I couldn’t believe it!  I had never worked with her previously and she was able to walk me through some very specific things going on with my thinking patterns in just a few short minutes.  Then she identified an issue with my shoulder that’s been going on for months and we cleared a lot of the discomfort from that part of my body.  She is truly both skilled and amazing! She’s got it going in the practical sense but she’s also very intuitively guided, so it’s a powerful punch!

    Denise Salatino

    “Terry loves people and loves to see people succeed. She is passionate and energetic and puts 200% into her teaching, coaching, and caring for her clients and friends. Terry is an expert networker and is engaged with numerous groups, associations, and communities. She will expand your universe and help you better understand all of the gifts and talents you have. Best of all, she will show you how to reach your potential. If you are looking for a better and more fulfilling life, call on Terry and begin!” 

    Ken Proudfoot, Associate Professor & Founding Director, Larry Friedman International Center for Entrepreneurship, Johnson & Wales University

    Lifocus has had the pleasure of working with Terry on several projects that involved coaching, training and job development workshops. She brings a high level of experience, motivation, professionalism and confidence to whatever project she's involved with. Terry's style exudes passion for her trade. I recommend Terry highly and we will certainly collaborate with Terry on future projects.

    Tom Wharton - Lifocus
    OI Partners

    “Terry is a phenomenal coach and that is probably an understatement. She is uniquely skilled in getting to the heart of your professional or personal issues, in many cases revealing that the true issue is not what you originally thought. Not only does she help you identify your true issues, she can break through them using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) so quickly and effectively you won’t hardly know what happened. You won’t be disappointed. WARNING: Only go to Terry if you are ready to take your Business or yourself to the next level.” February 10, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

    Patricia Cerchio-Vieira

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